Taniwha Tales – Mata Aho Collective

While looking into Mata Aho Collective‘s way of working, I came across Taniwha Tales, described on the website:

“These taniwha narratives were generously supplied by family and friends of Mata Aho Collective. They sit alongside our large-scale textile work Kiko Moana made for documenta 14.” 1

Mata Aho Collective, Kiko Moana, 2017

Mata Aho Collective, Kiko Moana, 2017, polyethene tarpaulin and cotton thread , installation view, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Kassel, documenta 14, photo: Michael Nast [screenshot source]

The stories are organised in coloured squares, you click on one to reveal the story. I was excited to discover this, and appreciate the way the making of the art work is accompanied by these stories, a collective of diverse voices, friends and whanau who generously supported the project by sharing.

I enjoyed reading them, and see this as an interesting strategy, connecting the works, and assembling the stories online for reading. It increases the reach of the work and adds another way a person can engage with the work – not having experienced Kiko Moana in real life.

In my last post unpacking authorship Mata Aho describe how they learned about presenting and sharing diverse voices and multiple understandings.

This is relevant to my practice as I am reviewing and looking at different way of working with and sharing stories women have given me in I say a little prayer for you, correspondence. Do I create a book of stories in text form? Do I continue to work with audio and radio broadcast? I’m thinking of making multiple iterations of the work with the stories.

This might include re working them by treating them as workshop texts, or audio to be listened to while embroidering the quilt I have.


[1.} ‘About’, Taniwha Tales, accessed 21 June 2019, https://www.kikomoana.com/about.

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