I used to find dead insects in your pockets

Presenting new work and a bolder install of my MFA grad show in my home town of Whangarei was an exciting opportunity. I developed two new video works and created larger scale textile pieces in response to the new space.

The work was at Geoff Wilson Gallery, opening 5th August 2020, and ran between 6th August – 4th September 2020.

Selfies stitched in Lockdown 2020

Intimacy and distance are constantly negotiated throughout the process of stitching the selfies. Shifting from the photographic image to the pencil on cloth and then embedding the image and line with thread. This process pushes me away from myself and retains a sense of safety in what I chose to share publicly. I creates a safe space to re-present images of myself.

Catch stitch

Catch stitch is a hand sewing technique used to join two pieces of fabric or create a sturdy hem, it…