Other makers

For process and choice of materials.

Victoria MacIntosh:


A collector and hoarder, and contemporary jeweller.

Images of her makes at Masterworks Gallery.

Eve Armstrong:


“Not seeing the logic of introducing new materials to her works, Eve prefers to bring objects and ideas back into circulation. Her works are often formed through the research, collection and reconstruction of waste. In Arrangements, Eve collects objects and takes images of material refuse, organising them into sculptural stacks, piles, collages and assemblages within layered packaging tape landscapes. Another project The Trading Table, involves Eve setting up a table at various locations and facilitating the exchange of objects, skills, ideas and information with passers-by. These projects are typical of Eve’s art practice and her interest in investigating systems of exchange, waste and recycling to reveal differing attitudes towards material use and value.”

Erica van Zon:

Making by hand, nostalgia and stitch work.


Alexandra Kehayoglou

Beautiful woven rug landscapes.



Nick Cave – Soundsuits:



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