I used to find dead insects in your pockets

fern hair jar

A refocus and drawing on earlier work from last year, I’m developing new work for I used to find dead insects in your pockets, Golden Oyster, (not a true oyster).

Ocean beach shells in jars plus hair

I used to find dead insects in your pockets was a project which included two components, Golden Oyster (not a true oyster) and a performance, Keep Care, in which I ironed a severely damaged quilt my nana had made.

dragonfly drawing

Connected to the project was another body of work which grew from drawings and colourings-in by my nana, in some old girls annuals from her childhood. More images and the story as it went at this blog post. I didn’t take it further at that point, but I’m looking at again now. Building on ideas around familial relationships and connections, through time, via imagination, reciprocation, and collaboration.

hair jar

For I used to find dead insects in your pockets, I assembled objects that we from experiences, or represented experiences I had as a child, some of which I recreate and re-perform now, as a mother. These objects came from rituals of my early relationships, some feel like memories, and maybe connected to a place or a person. Some feel more like childhood myths, or family stories, re enacted.

fan shell notes

These objects form some kind of archive of relationships. I’m exploring the decision making process, to understand my choices, and emphasis, I’m also look at how much is shared, and what in this process is for me, and what is accessible for the wider audience. I’m journalling the process, making notes and drawings, which are the basis for some making, which includes embroidering reproductions of my drawings.

brachiopod sketch

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