Post seminar research, Janet Cardiff

Intimacy and sharing.

To consider other ways of speaking, to tell stories, I have been looking at Janet Cardiff, her Night Walks here, where she speaks quietly and softly to the viewer listener as she guides them through a city space. She speaks with a low, slow voice, it feels intimate, and indeed the viewer is listen with headphones on.

She speaks about how this is different to speaking, it is about getting connected, i suspect to the space as well as herself as the artist. She speaks about looking in a way that a child looks, and talks about art as play, which suggests a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Memory; the viewer adds and creates and adds their own memory to the work. Cardiff describes the process as collaging scenes together, like recalling a dream, with a surrealist structure.

A snap shot of a Night Walk:

An overview of a number of works, interesting use of multiple speakers, and installations, some works are designed to be experienced as a single person, others more collective / shared experience. This is good to consider, as to whether I create a work, and ask the viewer to experience it alone, to heighten the level of intimacy? The audience is very important to works, like the walks, and a lot of consideration is given to their experience. Also discussion re embodiment and disembodiment, the voice, especially Janet Cardiff’s voice..

That art is play, and that play is about giving up power, which is interesting – and letting yourself be guided, and that some people really like to be guided and told what to do.

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