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Where is my practice within a feminist context? I acknowledge the work and foundation of past feminist movements. I find kinship among contemporary fourth wave feminists who embrace an intersectional framework that is responsive to current events, and political situations. This movement seems to find its voice in activism and social connections.

In Swimming Pools and Waves, Dunn poetically describes contemporary feminism: 

Like recycled water, it includes the movements that have preceded it, and, like the dissection of a wave, it’s very hard to define.”

Aspiring to an intersectional feminist framework is an intentionally inclusive and ‘live’ place to be positioned, conversation and critique happening both in real life and in social media groups, online discussions and personal communications. These are the spaces that I have connected with my participants and my audience. Performing stories collected in this interpersonal process via radio broadcast, I access a medium that established itself as a means of connection and communication by, and for the people who embraced it. Much like pioneers of community radio in Aotearoa New Zealand, this telling and retelling of stories gathers a community, my community.2


[1] Dunn, ‘Feature Summer 2016 | Art News New Zealand; Swimming Pools and Waves’.

[2] ‘A Stirring Thrills the Air: The Broad Picture 1921-1935’, RNZ, 28 April 2014, https://www.rnz.co.nz/collections/resounding-radio/audio/2593906/a-stirring-thrills-the-air-the-broad-picture-1921-1935.

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