Winter seminar 2019, exhibition and audience

Exhibition and Audience

Who is my audience? Where do they find my work?

Thinking through this theme and reflecting on I say a little prayer for you, I already have some answers. The most obvious audience I have for my work is also the community I work with, many of the same people who have participated in the project have reflected back into it. These reflections are responsive to seeing the work / objects produced within the project, like the quilt installed at DEMO in June, other responses are via messenger, instagram, publicly as comments and in privately via insta direct message. There is also and audience who have been following my work generally, who message me via text or instagram, to say ‘hey I’m listening..’ even if they have not taken part in the process of creating self portrait or story sharing.

Ange broadcasting at Beagle June 2019

So I know the work is feeding back and reconnecting my audience with me, in this sense it is still a form of durational dialogue. However, there is another aspect to the possible audience of my work that I know nothing about. This is due to the nature of working with the medium of radio, and that is it is quite possible for a lister to stumble across or happen to be tuning into Beagle Radio during my broadcast, un-knowingly becoming an art audience. Given that this is a local community radio, there it is likely that other radio djs and those connected with the wider local community may be tuned in.

These modes of connecting with my audience also complicate the question of where the art is or where it happens, is it in the spaces and physical places I come together with my participants or people interested in the work? Is it in the conversation had at an exhibition where a viewer shares very specific responses to the work, sharing yet another story a personal insight, reflection or question? Where the art is depends on what I do with these moments and outcomes, and where I chose to place emphasis at a given point during the project.

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