Questions about performance

Performance: understanding context and audience.

Reading women’s stories from the Beagle Radio studio, I felt alone, speaking to an emptiness, a void. This was an intimate experience for me; for the listener there is a live embodied voice, but there is no body of the performer in the room. The trace or document of the performance is the live radio show, and the podcast.
Much like the woman making her self portrait in her bathroom, she is attended, only by herself. She is participating in a private ritual, a private performance of which she is the only witness. Traces of this performance are in the self portraits on cloth.

Reading the stories from women via the medium of radio allows the performance to exist beyond the moment of its happening, in multiple contexts and iterations. This mode of delivery and this performance seems to be more effected by the context and situation of the listener, this can exist as an art work far removed from the white cube. It can exist and be experienced by the audience on their own terms. I offer to meet them where they are, in their own context, in their own home, their car, or in their headphones.

Does a performance require an audience? If a function of art is generating a response in a viewer, igniting dialogue and learning, oneself may be enough.

I say a little prayer for you braodcast

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