emotional responses are seldom neat and compartmentalised

“…emotional responses are seldom neat and compartmentalised.”

From The Guardian review of ‘A Fortnight of Tears’ by Tracey Emin, on at White Cube.

The Guardian describes the show, which includes the familiar modes of art – painting, drawing, sculpture, film, neon and photography. Interesting to me, in contrast to Emin’s earlier work the writer asserts ‘…the brutal honesty no longer feels confessional: it’s more about asserting distinctly female tragedy as a subject for great art.’

The content of the work grows from Emin’s own experiences of  grief, loss, trauma and violence. These are all her personal stories; which may well be many women’s stories. Noting here as I review my choices regarding content of my work, autobiographically, or to create a sense of remove or distance by bringing other women’s voices and stories to the forefront.

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