Unbound: Gathering Material, project notes

Unbound: Gathering material, a relational and performance project at Larnach Castle and Otago Polytechnic for the Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand’s 2018 Symposium, Unbound: Liberating Women.

These are the project notes that accompanied the work, and were used for promotion of the event. They also cover ethical requirements for the relational aspect of the project, in other words, participation was based on informed consent.

DEMO Residency Aug 2018 Unbound; all my hopes and dreams scissors and fabric

About the project:

Delegates attending Unbound: Liberating Women and the symposium dinner are warmly invited to contribute to the project  Unbound: Gathering material by Angela Rowe.

This project involves the creation of a garment that may be viewed as an historical document, recording the symposium as an event. It may represent a physical ‘checking in’, a common practice on social media, while the finished object becomes a tangible document of this event, a collection of autographs or marks which may represent the only time this group of individuals are present together.

How can you contribute?

You are invited to add your autograph or unique mark to pieces of a garment that Angela will sew over the course of the weekend. Your participation is voluntary.

What happens next?

The finished garment, photographs and other documentation will be circulated to participants and may be exhibited in the future, shared on social media and on Angela’s blogs as part of her MFA studies, Angela retains ownership of the finished garment. Your mark or autograph will not be connected directly with you as an individual.

If you would like to stay up to date with the progress of this project, leave your email address on the sheet provided.

About Angela’s practice:

Angela lives and works in Whangarei and is an MFA candidate at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. Her studio research circulates around a number of themes, including performance, evocative objects and the usually private world of the home interior. Focusing on domestic concerns around care and ‘maintenance’ work, a term used by Mierle Laderman Ukeles to describe the care work she did daily as a mother, work is identified as something that is mostly hidden and taken for granted. In this context work can involve both physical and emotional labour.

For Unbound: Gathering material, her work focuses on the significance of the individual signature and human relationships, moving within the fields of social anthropology and relational aesthetics. Elements of this project reference traditional domestic tasks usually undertaken by women and suggest activities that connect generations.

This framework offers a means to understand relationships and is a way to make connections through individuals and time, using the experience of the symposium and the relationships that occur to develop narratives and acknowledge memories.

Concluding in a performance in which the garment developed is sewn to completion and the work witnessed publicly throughout the symposium, Unbound: Liberating Women, the project aims to evoke ideas around labour, the body, social relations and women’s work. These are concerns that are still relevant in 2018, as we mark 125 years of women gaining the right to vote.

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