Illustrations and text September Seminar 2018

Luna’s colouring in…

September Seminar Luna's colourings

And nana Shirely’s colouring.

She struck off across the deep water to the raft

An adventureous journey

Board riding

September install test table and wallSeptember Seminar installation, working with illustrations reproduced from old books of my nana’s and found poems.

Winter Seminar install

Moving away from the traditional installation, pictures on walls, a more playful lay out worked better.

September install table detail

Sept seminar install table detail

Septmeber seminar table install

I installed a colouring space, which was not used ! That was ok, this was more of a sketch of an idea, than a resolved project.

September Seminar table install, drawing seats

Probably the most discussed part of the work – if it is part of the same project – were the found poems made from the illustration captions.

Two below…

Found poem one

Found poem seven

Conversations were had around the language, as it connects with another time, another generation, we talked about whether it was another work entirely, (probably) whether I need to further alter / recontextualise it (also worth exploring). I was worried about the racist and classist language (yes, sexist too…) and brought this to the conversation. I am less concerned about being thought racist – but concerned about using language that has been used – and is still used to harm people – I don’t want to contribute to that, but I’d like to critique it somehow.

So, working with the text is the next move for me, along with some other (completely different!) plans that have come from my projects in Dunedin and Whangarei….


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