some notes on who I’m looking at

Country Clothes Line Christine Hellyar

Christine Hellyar

Also, Sterling Ruby….I’m thinking through the idea of performing life though garments, still sketchy at the moment, or the garments I perform life in? Maybe? and I’m interested in this project, Work Wear: Garment and Textile Archive 2008 – 2016.

From the article, “Ruby seems interested in the liminal space where the clothing leaves his body, and moves onwards, abstracted from their original use value, and retuned to function as an art object of its own.”

Sterling Ruby Work Wear

On street fashion: “It’s very strange to see people in head-to-toe camo at Whole Foods. You can’t deny that to think about that is paradoxical. But maybe that’s how culture is starting to see ‘truth.'”

There’s a different gravitas of culture today versus 15 years ago, when Friends was on television and the Clintons were in the White House. There was a kind of innocence back then. But today shit is real and it is serious. And when you see camo at Whole Foods, there’s actually a cultural and political position there that is not a joke.”

Lots to consider, especially with regards to garments that mark a transition.

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