Artists and display strategies

Luna's egg

Luna’s breakfast egg

My recent gallery visits were a study in display strategies for objects and installation projects. I can appreciate the well-thought-out look of Gabrielle Amodeo’s work, and I can imagine the framing and refocusing, planning, that may have gone on in the process of installation. When I viewed her work, I felt there was a suggestion of a catalogue of the objects and their stories, which appeals to me. The installation is alive, though. With Blind Carbon Copy: An Open Love Letter, this happens through the interaction of the gallerists turning over stacked pages each day, and probably through the audio you can listen to in the space. While it is museum like in displaying objects to tell stories it is not frozen in time.

My children are organisers of objects.

Things organised Ron's rd car

Plan for making an RC car

Ron's cat ears set etc

Personal effects

seal and bed in tree

Seal and bed in the tree at Hendon Ave

I see their play / work with objects serving different purposes, sometimes is part of a process or planning, other times it seems to be purely play and arrangement of ideas and storytelling.

truck in tree

Truck in the tree at Hendon Ave

Objects and stories

Stories are important to me, and I am working out how much to reveal of my own stories; do I let the stories emerge when people view their work? Are my stories the ones I want to tell, or do I simply invite the viewer to bring or construct their own? The latter will happen anyway, but how much do I want to give them?

Each seminar  is an opportunity to round out my current project, at the moment, while the underlying connections are present, I am working across a range of media and installations to present the idea/s that are most central to my thinking.

Ron's camera and equipment


Another artist using a different mode of display is Kate Newby, part of what I see in her installation strategies is the unexpected, one might discover objects while exploring the gallery, it might be more playful rather than viewed as objects presented on walls or on plinths. While I’m sure her installation is as well thought as Amodeo’s there seems to be more wondering, and maybe more playfulness in some of her work.

More shells in shells

Sorting and organising shells

Another artist I’ve been researching is Cornelia Parker,  thinking about works like Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, she is dealing with installation of objects in thought provoking ways, to capture a moment frozen in time like Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View. She is also an artist working across a diverse spectrum of media to present her ideas. She describes her work as being “about the potential of materials”, I enjoyed hearing her speak in this interview:

Fragmented dino

Making a dinosaur, inside out

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