Home Bay Ceramics

Home Bay Ceramic pieces collected

Ceramic pieces collected from Home Bay, Auckland summer 2016

This is a small project that has sprung out of my Shorthand embroideries, I’m testing an idea I have been considering for a while. Over one summer my children became obsessed with collecting pieces of broken ceramics that wash up at Home Bay. While collecting these pieces, stories developed about how they got here, where they are from, and of course, who used them? Can we fix them?

Home Bay Ceramics detailCeramic pieces collected from Home Bay, Auckland summer 2016, detail

These pieces are so beautiful, the fine detail of the prints, the colours, the sharpness or softness of edges, talk about time passing, and styles of homewares from other times, at least this was a conclusion my children came to. Collecting these items lead to learning about Auckland’s history, early colonial inhabitants, and local history of ceramic production in Auckland. These became Evocative Objects, generating ideas and stories, as well as suggesting their own narratives.

Home Bay Ceramics pieces x three

Drawing images to stitch

Home Bay Ceramics Pink Piece beginning

First exploration, pink stitches

Home Bay Ceramics Green piece beginning

This is beginning to seem a bit crazy, yet another highly detailed embroidery…

Home Bay Ceramics pieces x three

Next up, this may take some time

I am thinking more about scale with these, possibly creating much larger embroideries…

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