Exercise 45

Treasures from an archive.


Joy M. Evans, Shorthand (Night-Classes 5.15-7.15)

Put aside by my mum while sorting out my nana’s possessions, was a note book from Shorthand night classes that my nana Joy took in 1943.

Angela Carter 2018 Exercise 45 working low res

Exercise 45, in progress

Work in progress…working from my nana’s shorthand notebook, I have been studying her handwriting and stitching her shorthand exercises.

Exercise 45 detail low res

Pre stitch marks, Exercise 45

Working with single thread on some fabric salvaged from old cotton curtains, this is some of the finest embroidery I’ve worked on for a while. I enjoy adding many stitches to form smooth curves in the letters. The samples of shorthand are like ancient mysterious glyphs, or fragments of emergent writing.

I propose to stitch three samplers, a triptych, each piece 210mm wide by 370mm long, hung together 15 – 20 mm between them, pinned at the top corners.

Angela Carter 2018 Phrasograms sampler low res

Exercise 45, Phraseograms

Angela Carter 2018 Exercise 45 Phrasograms; Grammologues and Contractions low res

Exercise 45, work in progress

Grammarlogues and Contractions low res sample

Joy M. Evans, Shorthand (Night-Classes 5.15-7.15). Grammalogues and Contractions


Images from the install at DEMO space….

Exercise 45 installed at DEMO close

Exercise 45.

Exercise 45 installed at DEMO Grammalogues

Exercise 45: Grammalogues and Contractions, detail.

Exercise 45 installed at DEMO Exercise 45

Exercise 45, detail.

Exercise 45 installed at DEMO Phrasograms

Exercise 45: Phrasograms, detail.


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