Signatures and text

I’m working through a couple of different ideas at the moment, one is based on an exhibition opening May 3, and is based around the theme of Water, the other is a proposal for a group exhibition at DEMO, Whitecliffe’s project space.

Both are looking like they will involve performance, which is a whole new game for me. While I work around aspects of the body and performance, I am making note of samples of text that I’m studying, now I am seriously thinking about text, I have come a cross some interesting artefacts of my nana’s.

With signatures still in my mind, I rediscovered this small box of stones my nana Shirley collected in 1978, during a trip to the middle east and Europe. I understand these are signatures of her fellow tourists, inscribed into the lid of the box.

These are of course, historical objects, are they relevant? How do they relate to mark making now? What is the contemporary equivalent?

While searching for a signature tablecloth, I discovered a notebook containing notes from short hand night classes my nana Joy took in 1943.


The red marks are corrections.

Phraseograpms Low res

So precise!


Visually, I find these objects fascinating, and I may refer to these in future.

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