Things going well, I live with a possum


From left to right, Kim Hill, Miranda Harcourt, Ella Henry, Jacqueline Fahey and Claire Robinson, in front of an artwork by Cindy Sherman at Wellington’s City Gallery. (image source).

This week I revisited a podcast series that I tuned into some time back, I enjoy a juicy podcast while I work. This is from the Contemporary Feminism Series and is entitled, Age and Agency. The panel features the stellar line up above, and is well worth a listen, I particularly appreciated hearing Jacqueline Fahey speaking, as she does with a refreshing honesty.

Fahey relates how she discovered that, as a mother and an artist, should she wish to continue her work as a painter, she would of necessity have to locate herself physically in the domestic sphere, and worked with what she saw. Be that, children, or dirty dishes in the sink. When another women states that she “…could never show that sort of thing” (or words to that effect) discussing the home in disarray, and dirty dishes.

This made me think of the interior, as a subject, as a habitat, and as in inward place in ourselves. At this point in my life and work, my studio is in my home, it’s the only way I can get my work done and meet the needs of my family. While the idea of leaving home to work, seems luxurious, this domestic space brings it’s own richness and challenges.

The interior as the woman’s space, to decorate, clothe and inhabit, to work. This is a subject I’m going to mull over while I complete my current project; the interior, the private, public/private, a place I inhabit.

Things going well, I live with a possum.

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