Looking back and going forward

The MFA wormhole has swallowed me completely, happily, and during the first seminar week I began looking back on some older ideas and themes through fresh eyes.

Painting and peeling paint

This is a collection of images captured last year during clearing, unearthing, sorting, packing, archiving, after my grandparents left their home, the house which has grown old around them.

nana's shell bottles and peeling walls

Between changing sheets, washing sheets, towels, clothes; making food, tea, coffee, welcoming family to say farewell to our nana, marking the passage of time and evolution of the family dynamic.

Nana and Poppa's downstairs window curtain

whispering in my heart to my mum, ‘it’s ok, let her go…you’ll be sad, but you’ll be ok’

whispering in my heart to my poppa, ‘it’s ok to let her go…’

whispering in my nana’s ear, ‘it’s ok, nana, you are so tired now, you can go…poppa will be ok’

It was easier to say goodbye to nana, she will reside in our hearts; than to her home, embedded with memories, and clothed in the work of her hands.

bathroom curtains

tap and imperial leather soap bar

keeping things safe nana's dinnersets

carpet dust bora pill

Dense dust and hair

dust cat behind the dresser

secret switch in nana's wardrobe

dead flies behind the bedroom curtain

nana's wallpaper seeds and leaves

wallpaper dust carpet

peeling wallpaper

elephants and spoons

poppas kitchen cupboard

salt and papers kitchen cupboards


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